About Us

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Revolve is dedicated to providing under-served communities with in the Greater Kansas City Region with reliable bicycles for transportation and recreation. Please check out our Earn-A-Bike Page for details on how to earn a low cost bicycle.

We sell used bicycles, accessories, and clothing to support our mission. Please visit us and make a purchase to support local communities helping each other.

We accept donations of bicycles and bicycle accessories during regular business hours at both locations.

We are not currently accepting clothing donations.

Helmets can not be donated or resold. Please dispose of used helmets responsibly (in the trash!).

We will take any bicycle, regardless of condition. However, there is a cost for us to keep your old junk out of the landfill.

Bikes in good working condition (tubes inflate, gears shift, brakes stop)  No charge to drop off. We appreciate your support! You will receive a donation receipt.

Bikes that need repair:  $5 per adult bike and $2 per kids bike (24″ wheels and smaller). This fee helps cover the cost of refurbishing the bike. Two tubes cost more than $5, the average cost to refurbish a bike is over $20, more when you include our fixed costs like rent, lights, insurance, etc. You will receive a donation receipt. The fee is a charitable donation to Revolve.

Bikes that are beyond repair: $5 per bike regardless of size. These bikes must be processed and then taken to a metal recycler. Yes, we do receive $0.06 (6 cents) per pound; which is about $1 to $1.50 per bike. It costs us much more than $1 per bike in salary, rent, gas, insurance, etc. to process the bike and then take the bike to recycling.  You will receive a donation receipt. The fee is a charitable donation to Revolve.

You can also make a financial donation to support Revolve via PayPal.

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5509 Troost Ave. 
Kansas City, MO 64110